When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be processed immediately once your Return/Refund or Cancellation Request Case has been approved.

If you paid for your order using one of the following methods, it will take up to 24 hours for your refund to be released to your account once the cancellation request has been approved:
1. Online Banking
2. Cash Payment at Retail Stores

Important Notes

  • Do you wish to know if your refund case has been approved? Kindly check the email "refund status update”.
  • Refund will not be transferred to buyer if user failed to show the cancellation within 3 days after Refund/Cancellation has been approved.  

How do I return my wrong/damaged item once the return request has been confirmed?

Once the return request has been confirmed:

Pack the item(s) to return and ship it back to us within 5 days from the date your return request was approved.

You can ship out the product via any courier company. Please ensure the following details are included:
1. Order ID and/or Return Request ID
2. Company Return Address as indicated on the Refund Details page

My order is completed, can I still raise return/refund request?

Kindly take note that you will NOT be able to request for return or refund for any orders that are completed by clicking on "Order Received" or completed automatically through expiry of the Rise Skylight Guarantee Period.

What you can do instead is:

1. For any orders that you did not receive / lost / damaged in transit, you may provide the relevant documents to us for file claims. This process should be done within 14 days of receiving the order. What should I do?"

Buyer can file for lost / damaged compensation claim from Customer Service if the parcel is being lost / damaged by Rise Skylight Logistics Providers.

a. Lost parcel claims process

  • Ensure parcel does not exceed 30 days from the date of its first tracking status being updated.
  • Must be able to provide manifest if order is lost before there is any tracking status updated.
  • Send your proof of delivery and order details to us through email to us.

b. Damaged parcel claims process

  • Must file for the claim within 5 working days from delivered date.
  • Provide supporting documents such as receipt and image of damaged parcel.
  • Send the supporting documents through email to us.

2. For any wrong / incomplete order received, please contact the admin directly via email or using the phone number found on parcels for claims purposes.

3. Any guarantee / warranty should be requested directly with us. Do align us on relevant return shipping fee claims etc.

We advise all buyers to check your parcel before clicking on "Order Received". We will not be able to process any return or refund request after that.

What are the conditions for a Return Refund Request?

You can apply for a return with the following reasons:

  • I did not receive the product(s) (e.g. missing item, parcel lost in transit)
  • I received incomplete product(s) (e.g. incomplete sets, incomplete parts)
  • I received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, different product)
  • I received product(s) with physical damage (e.g. dented, broken, scratched)
  • I received faulty product(s) (e.g. malfunctioned, cannot be used)

You will NOT be able to apply for a return or refund for the following reasons:

  • Change of mind

Can I get a refund for my cancelled order?

Yes, you will be able to receive your refund once your cancellation request is approved.

A notification will be sent through the email to inform you about the refund. At the same time, the refund of your payment will be released back to you immediately.
However, if you made the payment using your credit/debit card, the refund will only reflect back in your card within 7-14 working days by standard operating procedure from the banks.

When and how can I apply for a Return & refund?

If your order is still under "To Receive", please proceed to request for return/refund if you:

  1. Did not receive the order
  2. Received an incomplete product (missing quantity or accessories)
  3. Received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, different product)
  4. Received a product with physical damage (e.g. dented, scratched, broken)
  5. Received a faulty product (e.g. malfunction, does not work as intended)

How do I cancel my order?

Before cancelling your order, find out if your order is eligible for cancellation.
Yes, you will be able to cancel your order using the steps below if:

  1. You have not made full payment to your order
  2. When not arranged shipment (The order does not have any tracking status updated yet).
  3. You have not requested for cancellation for this order before this. (You are allowed to request for cancellation once only per order. The order will resume shipping process if you have previously withdrawn your cancellation request / cancellation request rejected by Rise Skylight. Don't worry, order will be automatically cancelled by the system if we do not ship 3 days after Days to Ship.

What happens if I do not receive my order? Can I ask for a refund?

If you have not received your order after the expected delivery date, you may request for a refund.

If my order contains multiple items but only one is damaged, can I return the damaged item only or opt for a partial return?

  1. If you purchased multiple units of the same item, you will need to either receive or reject all of the same items while you request for refund. We suggest clicking on return/refund for all the items and provide relevant documents for damaged item claim process. However, since only one item is damaged, you may adjust the refund amount accordingly in order to reach an agreement with us.

  2. If you purchased different items, you can choose to return the specific product that is damaged only when you request for refund.

  3. However, if you purchased multiple units of an item but only one unit is damaged, you will need to request for the damaged item only instead of one due to system limitation.

What are the supporting documents required for a refund request case?

1) Non-Receive Claim
A non-receive claim is raised when buyers did not receive the item or received incomplete orders from the case. In such cases, buyers will not need to provide any documents while they raise this case.

On the other hand, you are advised to provide proof as per below to allow us to check with the courier service provider on the current tracking status:

  • Formal shipping proof (i.e. delivery receipt and tracking number if any).
  • Photo of the parcel package / information, including information of delivery company, tracking number, contact number and shipping address.
  • Email history or any other evidence showing prior negotiation.
    If the item is still in transit, our team will inform the buyer and reject the request. If the item is indeed lost in transit (more than 14 days without any tracking status update for local orders), the buyer will be refunded to claim for lost parcel if shipped with courier service provider for parcel shipped with own consignment note.

Based on the nature of such claims, the buyer is not satisfied with the item they have received and proceed to request for refund payout. With that the buyer shall hold responsibility to provide such proof to support their claim in order for our side to check and judge on a case-to-case basis.

2) Buyer Received Wrong / Damaged / Malfunctioned Item / Incomplete Order

Proof that is commonly required for such claim:

  • Pictorial proof (Packaging box damages, physical item damages, consignment note of item received, picture of all item received in the parcel)
  • Video proof (Malfunction item)
  • Email history or any other evidence showing prior negotiation with us
  • We agree with the return request but did not receive the product(s)
  • All request for refund cases should base on the given proof, accept or reject their refund request on a voluntary decision while providing relevant reasoning with proof.

However, if the return request for cases such case wrong item, they can choose to accept the refund with condition that buyer return the wrong item to us. In such case the burden of proof lies with the buyer only.

Supporting documents that may be required from the buyer includes:

  • Formal shipping proof i.e. delivery receipt and tracking number (if any)
  • Photo of the parcel package / information, including information of delivery company, tracking number, contact number, shipping address and postal stamp
  • Email history or any other evidence showing prior negotiation

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