We Care for Your Children’s Early Education

At Rise Skylight, we manufacture and sell Montessori Toys at affordable prices. It has been our mission since day one to provide affordable and safe Montessori Toys that are not only fun to play but stimulate growth and development, as well as a life-long love for learning. We aspire to transform our passion for children into a toy factory where they can explore their creativity, imagination and create long-lasting memories with Montessori Toys.

We Create the Ideal Toy for Every Toddler

There are endless choices of toys in the market today that come in different shapes and sizes, making it very challenging for parents to choose from. Besides, many of the toys are poorly designed without much thought put into them. They are either not durable or has no educational value, despite coming with hefty price tags.

Our Montessori Toys are designed and manufactured with you and your children in mind. They are designed to stimulate learning by encouraging children to experiment with new things. They are assembled with natural materials like wood so that they are safe to hold and touch. Many parts are made from high-grade plastics and fabrics to make the toys lightweight. These features encourage children to manipulate objects and develop their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

In addition, each of our Montessori Toys has multiple daily activities and challenges that are full of fun. They include locks and latches, snap-off buckles with elastic belts, pushbuttons, mazes, and many more! Each toy is carefully designed and put together to cater to every age group and their developmental milestones.

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