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Lock and Latch Board 2.0

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Rise Skylight Lock and Latch Board 2.0 features assorted locks and latches that require more advanced cognitive and fine motor skills. It is ideal for toddlers who are used to playing with the first version of Rise Skylight Lock and Latch Board. Lock and Latch Board 2.0 features a latch with a padlock that requires a key to unlock with a twisting motion. In addition, it comes with a plug and socket assembly that enables the toddlers to learn how to plug and unplug safely. The size and weight also make it ideal for traveling—keeping your children occupied in a long car ride.

Educational Wooden Busy Board

Rise Skylight’s Montessori Busy Board is an entertaining and educational wooden toy that helps children to develop dexterity and cognitive skills as they navigate around opening latches and locks, as well as solving mazes.

Solid Wooden Framework

Our Montessori Toys are made from high-quality materials with smooth edges, so they are durable and safe to play.

Develop Multiple Skills

Rise Skylight’s Montessori Toys are designed to stimulate learning by encouraging children to experiment with new things. These features encourage children to manipulate objects and develop their fine motor skills while enhancing their cognitive ability to recognize common objects.

Excellent Gifts for Children

Rise Skylight’s Montessori Toy makes an exceptional gift for children age 1 to 6 years. Add on the rest of Rise Skylight’s Montessori Toy Collections to round out the hands-on and screen-free learning experience every parent desires for their children.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions
45.0 x 32.0 x 8.0 cm
Product Weight
2.5 kg
Manufacturer Recommended Age
2 year(s) and up
Number of Players
Number of Pieces
Material Type(s)
Wood, Stainless Steel, ABS

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